Battery Laptop LG R410-R510-R580-6Cell  Battery laptop

Battery Laptop LG R410-R510-R580-6Cell

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Laptop batteries are in two kind of lithium-ion and lithium polymer.
lithium batteries are the most common batteries in the market.
These batteries each have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Consistency between laptop model and battery model is very important.
The term that is being heard a lot about laptop batteries is battery cells amount.
Cells are small parts in a battery that like AA batteries are placed beside eachother in series and parallel inside laptop battery.
Placement of cells has effect in voltage and amperage of a battery.
Greater the number of battery cells that are series, the battery voltage increases.
To achieve proper voltage and amperage, battery cells has been placed side by side in combinations of series and parallel.
It should be noted that more cells in addition to providing more energy and increasing duration of use of laptops, will impose more weight and volume to laptop also.
In addition to the electrical requirements such as voltage and amperage battery, battery size, the location of the connectors and their connections should be exactly the same.
With searching a battery model on internet, we can find its compatible laptop.

Usually one battery model can be compatible with few laptops models from the same brand.
Therefore, there will be numerous choices.
It should be noted that the purchased battery is compatible with your laptop model.
In the meantime, for longer battery life, should not let battery charge to be less than 5% and once a week should use it down to 5% and a battery remaining charge should be more than 50% if it not going to be use for a long time.
But it is not recommended to leave a battery on a side without using it for a long time because after one or two months will start deteriorating.

guarantee 6months
voltaje 11.1~10.8
capacity 4400mah
color BLACK
cell 6 CELL

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