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About Us

  Ofoogh with extensive activity and high level of experience and specialists in successive years, has been able to achieve the following goals in all parts of laptop and tablet and its' services towards customers' comfort : 

Import and sale of all parts of laptop and tablet as the largest selection of parts and accessories for laptops (adapter, battery, drives, RAM, hard drive, LED / LCD, frames, fan, heat sink, speakers, Loops....)

 With the best after-sale services of our products with IRAN FSO warranty

 Offering a specialized services and repairing laptops and tablets in Ofogh with experienced and expert staff

Foundation of our work is offering good quality and warranty for customers' satisfaction. 

این محصول در حال حاضر در دسترس نیست. لطفا ایمیل و مشخصات خود را کامل کنید تا در صورت موجود شدن کالا سریعا شما را مطلع سازیم.