Adaptor Laptop Lenovo 20V 3.25A Dell Plug

Brand: لنوو Lenovo
Product Code: GL11706030
Availability: In Stock
Technical Specifications
PartNumber PA1900-081
current output 3.25 A
Output Voltage 20 V
Output power 65 V
Physical Specifications
conector size 7.9*5.5 mm with pin
MotherBoard Guarantee 6 months iranfso warranty

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Compare your Adapter by photo of product before buy it, to be sure about product choice please contact us


Compare your Adapter by photo of product before buy it, to be sure about product choice please contact us

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ThinkPad L430 2465-2HU
ThinkPad L430 2465-2EU
ThinkPad L430 2465-29G
ThinkPad L430 2465-5PG
ThinkPad L430 2465-32G
ThinkPad L430 2465-2JU
ThinkPad L430 2465-5TG
ThinkPad L430 2465-5SG
ThinkPad L430 2465-5RG
ThinkPad L430 2465-62G
ThinkPad L430 2465-5YG
ThinkPad L430 2465-5UG
ThinkPad L430 2465-79U
ThinkPad L430 2465-77U
ThinkPad L430 2465-65U
ThinkPad L430 2466-32U
ThinkPad L430 2466-32G
ThinkPad L430 2465-7MU
ThinkPad L430 2466-3AU
ThinkPad L430 2466-39U
ThinkPad L430 2466-33U
ThinkPad L430 2466-3DU
ThinkPad L430 2466-3DG
ThinkPad L430 2466-3BG
ThinkPad L430 2466-5UU
ThinkPad L430 2466-3JU
ThinkPad L430 2466-3FU
ThinkPad L430 2468-3AU
ThinkPad L430 2468
ThinkPad L430 2466-64G
ThinkPad L430 2468-3LG
ThinkPad L430 2468-3HG
ThinkPad L430 2468-3DG
ThinkPad L430 2468-53G
ThinkPad L430 2468-3PG
ThinkPad L430 2468-3NG
ThinkPad L430 2468-58G
ThinkPad L430 2468-55G
ThinkPad L430 2468-54G
ThinkPad L430 2468-68G
ThinkPad L430 2468-62U
ThinkPad L430 2468-5AG
ThinkPad L430 2468-6KG
ThinkPad L430 2468-6EG
ThinkPad L430 2468-6BG
ThinkPad L430 2469-2ZU
ThinkPad L430 2469-2SU
ThinkPad L430 2469-25U
ThinkPad L530 2478-25U
ThinkPad L530 2478-24U
ThinkPad L512
ThinkPad L530 2478-27U
ThinkPad L530 2478-27G
ThinkPad L530 2478-26G
ThinkPad L530 2478-2CG
ThinkPad L530 2478-2AG
ThinkPad L530 2478-29G
ThinkPad L530 2478-4NG
ThinkPad L530 2478-32G
ThinkPad L530 2478-2CU
ThinkPad L530 2478-5BG
ThinkPad L530 2478-59G
ThinkPad L530 2478-4NU
ThinkPad L530 2478-5MU
ThinkPad L530 2478-5LU
ThinkPad L530 2478-5DG
ThinkPad L530 2478-62U
ThinkPad L530 2478-5QU
ThinkPad L530 2478-5NU
ThinkPad L530 2479-32U
ThinkPad L530 2479-32G
ThinkPad L530 2478-63U
ThinkPad L530 2479-3EG
ThinkPad L530 2479-3CU
ThinkPad L530 2479-33U
ThinkPad L530 2479-3PUThinkPad L530 2479-3GU
ThinkPad L530 2479-44G
ThinkPad L530 2479-64U
ThinkPad L530 2479-63G
ThinkPad L530 2479-45U
ThinkPad L530 2481-2WG
ThinkPad L530 2481-2VG
ThinkPad L530 2481-2RG
ThinkPad L530 2481-39G
ThinkPad L530 2481-37G
ThinkPad L530 2481-33U
ThinkPad L530 2481-3TGThinkPad L530 2481-3KG
ThinkPad L530 2481-3AG
ThinkPad L530 2481-4SG
ThinkPad L530 2481-4QU
ThinkPad L530 2481-48G
ThinkPad L530 2481-4VG
ThinkPad L530 2481-4UG
ThinkPad L530 2481-4TG
ThinkPad L530 2481-5AG
ThinkPad L530 2481-55U
ThinkPad L530 2481-4XG
ThinkPad L530 2481-5PG
ThinkPad L530 2481-5MG
ThinkPad L530 2481-5CG
ThinkPad L530 2485-25U
ThinkPad L530 2485-22U
ThinkPad L530 2481-5QG
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ThinkPad L530 2485-26U
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ThinkPad R60 9444
ThinkPad R60 0659
ThinkPad R60e 0658
ThinkPad R60 9464
ThinkPad R60 9457
ThinkPad R60e 9455
ThinkPad R60e 9444
ThinkPad R60e 0659
ThinkPad R60e 9459
ThinkPad R60e 9457
ThinkPad R60e 9456
ThinkPad R61 15.4 inch
ThinkPad R60e 9464
ThinkPad R60e 9462
ThinkPad R61 8918
ThinkPad R61 7643
ThinkPad R61 7642
ThinkPad R61 8936
ThinkPad R61 8933
ThinkPad R61 8929
ThinkPad R61e 7644
ThinkPad R61 8942
ThinkPad R61 8937
ThinkPad R61e 8919
ThinkPad R61e 8914
ThinkPad R61e 7649
ThinkPad R61e 8934
ThinkPad R61e 8929
ThinkPad R61e 8928
ThinkPad R61i 7646
ThinkPad R61i 7645
ThinkPad R61i 7643
ThinkPad R61i 8920
ThinkPad R61i 8919
ThinkPad R61i 8914
ThinkPad S230u
ThinkPad R61i 8936
ThinkPad R61i 8933
ThinkPad S230u Twist 33472K9
ThinkPad S230u Twist 33471D6
ThinkPad S230u Twist 33471C8
ThinkPad S230u Twist 33473TC
ThinkPad S230u Twist 33473JC
ThinkPad S230u Twist 33473GC
ThinkPad S230u Twist 33474W
ThinkPad S230u Twist 33474VC
ThinkPad S230u Twist 33473XC
ThinkPad SL300
ThinkPad S230u Twist 33474YC
ThinkPad S230u Twist 33474WC
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ThinkPad SL400 2743
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ThinkPad T410s 2924
ThinkPad T410si
ThinkPad T410s 2928
ThinkPad T410s 2926
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ThinkPad T420 4177
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ThinkPad T420s 4174 2BU
ThinkPad T420s 4174 2AU
ThinkPad T420s 4174 29U
ThinkPad T420s-4174
ThinkPad T420s-4172
ThinkPad T420s 4174 PPU
ThinkPad T420si 4175
ThinkPad T420si 4174
ThinkPad T420si 4170
ThinkPad T430 2342-37U
ThinkPad T430 2342-32U
ThinkPad T420si 4176
ThinkPad T430 2342-48U
ThinkPad T430 2342-47U
ThinkPad T430 2342-38U
ThinkPad T430 2342-7NU
ThinkPad T430 2342-6FU
ThinkPad T430 2342-4CU
ThinkPad T430 2344-4UG
ThinkPad T430 2344-2HUThinkPad T430 2342-7PU
ThinkPad T430 2344-5HU
ThinkPad T430 2344-5FU
ThinkPad T430 2344-5EU
ThinkPad T430 2344-6UU
ThinkPad T430 2344-5NU
ThinkPad T430 2344-5KU
ThinkPad T430 2344-BRG
ThinkPad T430 2344-BKU
ThinkPad T430 2344-6YU
ThinkPad T430 2344-GMU
ThinkPad T430 2344-C4U
ThinkPad T430 2344-BSG
ThinkPad T430 2347-G2G
ThinkPad T430 2344-GSU
ThinkPad T430 2344-GPU
ThinkPad T430 2347-G8G
ThinkPad T430 2347-G4U
ThinkPad T430 2347-G3U
ThinkPad T430 2347-GBU
ThinkPad T430 2347-GBG
ThinkPad T430 2347-G9G
ThinkPad T430 2347-KXG
ThinkPad T430 2347-JKU
ThinkPad T430 2347-H2U
ThinkPad T430 2347-L5UThinkPad T430 2347-L3U
ThinkPad T430 2349-G3U
ThinkPad T430 2349-GDG
ThinkPad T430 2349-GAU
ThinkPad T430 2349-G9U
ThinkPad T430 2349-HFU
ThinkPad T430 2349-GUU
ThinkPad T430 2349-GDU
ThinkPad T430 2349-JJG
ThinkPad T430 2349-JGG
ThinkPad T430 2349-HNG
ThinkPad T430 2349-KMG
ThinkPad T430 2349-JQU
ThinkPad T430 2349-JMG
ThinkPad T430 2349-LRU
ThinkPad T430 2349-LQG
ThinkPad T430 2349-LMG
ThinkPad T430 2349-Q5G
ThinkPad T430 2349-PYG
ThinkPad T430 2349-N3G
ThinkPad T430i 2344-FGG
ThinkPad T430i 2344-FFGThinkPad T430 2349-Q6G
ThinkPad T430s 2353-2NU
ThinkPad T430i 2344
ThinkPad T430s 2352
ThinkPad T430s 2353-6EU
ThinkPad T430s 2353-6DU
ThinkPad T430s 2353-6AU
ThinkPad T430s 2353-B4U
ThinkPad T430s 2353-9VU
ThinkPad T430s 2353-6HU
ThinkPad T430s 2355-HCU
ThinkPad T430s 2355-GTU
ThinkPad T430s 2355-G3G
ThinkPad T430s 2355-HMG
ThinkPad T430s 2355-HFU
ThinkPad T430s 2355-HDU
ThinkPad T430s 2355-K7G
ThinkPad T430s 2355-K6G
ThinkPad T430s 2355-JCU
ThinkPad T430s 2356-GJG
ThinkPad T430s 2356-GBG
ThinkPad T430s 2356-G2U
ThinkPad T430s 2356-GTU
ThinkPad T430s 2356-GTG
ThinkPad T430s 2356-GRU
ThinkPad T430s 2356-HBG
ThinkPad T430s 2356-H9G
ThinkPad T430s 2356-H7G
ThinkPad T430s 2356-L7G
ThinkPad T430s 2356-L6G
ThinkPad T430s 2356-L4G
ThinkPad T430s 2356-LCU
ThinkPad T430s 2356-LBG
ThinkPad T430s 2356-LAU
ThinkPad T430s 2356-N2G
ThinkPad T430s 2356-MMG
ThinkPad T430s 2356-MHU
ThinkPad T430s 2358
ThinkPad T430s 2356-N6G
ThinkPad T430s 2356-N5G
ThinkPad T430u 3351-8EU
ThinkPad T430u 335173C
ThinkPad T430u 33512HC
ThinkPad T430u 3351A64
ThinkPad T430u 3351A51
ThinkPad T430u 3351A33
ThinkPad T430u 3352-33U
ThinkPad T430u 3352-2SG
ThinkPad T430u 3351A66
ThinkPad T430u 3353-37G
ThinkPad T430u 3352-4ZU
ThinkPad T430u 3352-3KG
ThinkPad T430u 3353-3SG
ThinkPad T430u 3353-3NG
ThinkPad T430u 3353-3JG
ThinkPad T430u 6273-23G
ThinkPad T430u 6273
ThinkPad T430u 3353-3TG
ThinkPad T430u 6273-3CG
ThinkPad T430u 6273-2SU
ThinkPad T430u 6273-2SG
ThinkPad T430u 86141C3
ThinkPad T430u 8614
ThinkPad T430u 6273-3DU
ThinkPad T430u 8614-8BU
ThinkPad T430u 8614-6XU
ThinkPad T430u 86141C4
ThinkPad T430u 8614-APUThinkPad T430u 86149FC
ThinkPad T430u 8614-ARU
ThinkPad T500 2081
ThinkPad T500 2055
ThinkPad T430u 8614-ASG
ThinkPad T510 4349
ThinkPad T500 2261
ThinkPad T500 2242
ThinkPad T510i 4314
ThinkPad T510 8787
ThinkPad T510 4484
ThinkPad T510i 5584
ThinkPad T510i 4484
ThinkPad T510i 4384
ThinkPad T520 4242
ThinkPad T520 4239
ThinkPad T520
ThinkPad T530 2359
ThinkPad T520 4246ThinkPad T520 4244
ThinkPad T530 2392-37G
ThinkPad T530 2359-2EU
ThinkPad T530 2359-2CU
ThinkPad T530 2392-4BU
ThinkPad T530 2392-42U
ThinkPad T530 2392-38G
ThinkPad T530 2392-65U
ThinkPad T530 2392-64U
ThinkPad T530 2392-4DU
ThinkPad T530 2392-6AU
ThinkPad T530 2392-69U
ThinkPad T530 2392-67U
ThinkPad T530 2392-EHG
ThinkPad T530 2392-ECUThinkPad T530 2392-6HU
ThinkPad T530 2394-2SU
ThinkPad T530 2394-22G
ThinkPad T530 2392-EKG
ThinkPad T530 2394-42G
ThinkPad T530 2394-41UThinkPad T530 2394-35U
ThinkPad T530 2394-44G
ThinkPad T530 2394-43U
ThinkPad T530 2394-42U
ThinkPad T530 2394-5XU
ThinkPad T530 2394-5RG
ThinkPad T530 2394-45U
ThinkPad T530 2394-65U
ThinkPad T530 2394-5YU
ThinkPad T530 2394-5YG
ThinkPad T530 2394-61U
ThinkPad T530 2394-70G
ThinkPad T530 2394-6DU
ThinkPad T530 2429-22G
ThinkPad T530 2394-7FG
ThinkPad T530 2394-7EG
ThinkPad T530 2429-2UG
ThinkPad T530 2429-2CU
ThinkPad T530 2429-22U
ThinkPad T530 2429-44U
ThinkPad T530 2429-43G
ThinkPad T530 2429-2VG
ThinkPad T530 2429-5VU
ThinkPad T530 2429-5VG
ThinkPad T530 2429-5UG
ThinkPad T530 2429-6MG
ThinkPad T530 2429-6DG
ThinkPad T530 2429-62U
ThinkPad T530 2429-76G
ThinkPad T530 2429-75G
ThinkPad T530 2429-74G
ThinkPad T530 2429-7ZG
ThinkPad T530 2429-7YG
ThinkPad T530 2429-7XG
ThinkPad T530 2429-8DG
ThinkPad T530 2429-85GThinkPad T530 2429-82G
ThinkPad T530i 2392
ThinkPad T530 2429-8FG
ThinkPad T530 2429-8EG
ThinkPad T530i 2392-E5G
ThinkPad T530i 2392-E4G
ThinkPad T530i 2392-39G
ThinkPad T60 6459
ThinkPad T60 2613
ThinkPad T60 1952
ThinkPad T60 6468
ThinkPad T60 6467
ThinkPad T60 6460
ThinkPad T60 8743
ThinkPad T60 8741
ThinkPad T60 6469
ThinkPad T60p 2007
ThinkPad T60p 1955
ThinkPad T60p 1952
ThinkPad T60p 6374
ThinkPad T60p 6370
ThinkPad T60p 2623
ThinkPad T60p 6468

ThinkPad T60p 6466 

ThinkPad T60p 6463
ThinkPad T60p 8741
ThinkPad T60p 6471
ThinkPad T60p 6470
ThinkPad T61 6461
ThinkPad T61 14.1inch
ThinkPad T60p 8745
ThinkPad T61 8894
ThinkPad T61 6468
ThinkPad T61 6467
ThinkPad T61p 14 in widescreen
ThinkPad T61 Series
ThinkPad T61 8896
ThinkPad T61p 6458
ThinkPad T61p 6457
ThinkPad T61p 15.4 inch
ThinkPad T61p 6466
ThinkPad T61p 6462
ThinkPad T61p 6460
ThinkPad T61p 8891
ThinkPad T61p 8889
ThinkPad T61p 6467
ThinkPad T61p 8899
ThinkPad T61p 8898
ThinkPad T61p 8896
ThinkPad Twist S230u 20C4-22U
ThinkPad T61p 8938
ThinkPad T61p 8900
ThinkPad Twist S230u 3347-28G
ThinkPad Twist S230u 3347-27G
ThinkPad Twist S230u 20C4-27U
ThinkPad Twist S230u 3347-6WU
ThinkPad Twist S230u 3347-2YU
ThinkPad Twist S230u 3347-29G
ThinkPad Twist S230u 3347-7CU
ThinkPad Twist S230u 3347-77U
ThinkPad Twist S230u 3347-76U
ThinkPad Twist S230u 3347-8NU
ThinkPad Twist S230u 3347-8MU
ThinkPad Twist S230u 3347-84U
ThinkPad W500ThinkPad Twist S230u 3347-8TG
ThinkPad W510 4876
ThinkPad X130e 2338
ThinkPad X130e
ThinkPad X121e 3045
ThinkPad X131e 3367-8FU
ThinkPad X131e 3367-8EU
ThinkPad X130e 2339
ThinkPad X131e 3367-9AU
ThinkPad X131e 3367-98G
ThinkPad X131e 3367-8GU
ThinkPad X131e 3367-9EU
ThinkPad X131e 3367-9DU
ThinkPad X131e 3367-9CU
ThinkPad X131e 3368-4SU
ThinkPad X131e 3368-4QU
ThinkPad X131e 3368-3PU
ThinkPad X131e 3371-2KU
ThinkPad X131e 3368-5AU
ThinkPad X131e 3368-53U
ThinkPad X131e 3371-8CU
ThinkPad X131e 3371-7PU
ThinkPad X131e 3371-2LU
ThinkPad X131e 3372-2EU
ThinkPad X131e 3372-2CU
ThinkPad X131e 3371-8HG
ThinkPad X131e 3372-2WU
ThinkPad X131e 3372-2RU
ThinkPad X131e 3372-2GU
ThinkPad X131e 3372-3HU
ThinkPad X131e 3372-32U
ThinkPad X131e 3372-2XU
ThinkPad X131e 3372-3PU
ThinkPad X131e 3372-3NU
ThinkPad X131e 3372-3JU
ThinkPad X140e 20BL000FUS
ThinkPad X140e 20BL000CUS
ThinkPad X140e 20BL0008US
ThinkPad X200 7455
ThinkPad X200 2024
ThinkPad X140e 20BM000CUS
ThinkPad X200 Tablet 2047
ThinkPad X200 7458
ThinkPad X200 7457
ThinkPad X200 Tablet 7448
ThinkPad X200 Tablet 2266
ThinkPad X200 Tablet 2263
ThinkPad X200s 2046
ThinkPad X200s
ThinkPad X200 Tablet 7453
ThinkPad X201 Tablet
ThinkPad X201
ThinkPad X200s 7465
ThinkPad X201 Tablet 3113
ThinkPad X201 Tablet 3093
ThinkPad X201 Tablet 0053
ThinkPad X201i 3249
ThinkPad X201i
ThinkPad X201 Tablet 3239
ThinkPad X201s 5142
Thinkpad X201i Series
ThinkPad X201i 3357
ThinkPad X220 4290
ThinkPad X220 4289
ThinkPad X201s 5397
ThinkPad X220 Tablet 4296-38U
ThinkPad X220 Tablet 4296-34U
ThinkPad X220 Tablet
ThinkPad X220 Tablet 4299
ThinkPad X220 Tablet 4298-3SU
ThinkPad X220 Tablet 4298
ThinkPad X220i 4287
ThinkPad X220 Tablet 4299-2WU
ThinkPad X220 Tablet 4299-27U
ThinkPad X230 2320-34U
ThinkPad X230 2320-32U
ThinkPad X220t 4298
ThinkPad X230 2320-A7U
ThinkPad X230 2320-8TU
ThinkPad X230 2320-3AU
ThinkPad X230 2320-JPU
ThinkPad X230 2320-HQU
ThinkPad X230 2320-A8U
ThinkPad X230 2320-LUU
ThinkPad X230 2320-LTU
ThinkPad X230 2320-L7U
ThinkPad X230 2324-3PU
ThinkPad X230 2324-3PG
ThinkPad X230 2324-22U
ThinkPad X230 2324-3SU
ThinkPad X230 2324-3RU
ThinkPad X230 2324-3QU
ThinkPad X230 2324-3YU
ThinkPad X230 2324-3WG
ThinkPad X230 2324-3VU
ThinkPad X230 2324-5XU
ThinkPad X230 2324-5WU
ThinkPad X230 2324-5RU
ThinkPad X230 2324-84U
ThinkPad X230 2324-67G
ThinkPad X230 2324-62U
ThinkPad X230 2325-2EG
ThinkPad X230 2325
ThinkPad X230 2324-9CU
ThinkPad X230 2325-2RU
ThinkPad X230 2325-2NU
ThinkPad X230 2325-2FG
ThinkPad X230 2325-3QG
ThinkPad X230 2325-2VU
ThinkPad X230 2325-2UU
ThinkPad X230 2325-5UG
ThinkPad X230 2325-5SU
ThinkPad X230 2325-5RU
ThinkPad X230 2325-65U
ThinkPad X230 2325-64U
ThinkPad X230 2325-62U
ThinkPad X230 2325-79G
ThinkPad X230 2325-6GG
ThinkPad X230 2325-66U
ThinkPad X230 2325-B8G
ThinkPad X230 2325-ALG
ThinkPad X230 2325-86U
ThinkPad X230 2325-BHG
ThinkPad X230 2325-BEG
ThinkPad X230 2325-BCG
ThinkPad X230 2325-BNU
ThinkPad X230 2325-BMU
ThinkPad X230 2325-BJU
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3435
ThinkPad X230 Tablet
ThinkPad X230 Series
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3435-2RU
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3435-2KU
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3435-2JU
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3435-5HU
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3435-2WUThinkPad X230 Tablet 3435-2TU
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3437-2QU
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3437-23U
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3437-23G
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3437-2WG
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3437-2TU
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3437-2TG
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3437-3KG
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3437-32U
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3437-2XU
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3438-2QU
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3438-27G
ThinkPad X230 Tablet 3438-24U
ThinkPad X230i Series
ThinkPad X230i 2324-96GThinkPad X230i 2324
ThinkPad X300 4052
ThinkPad X300 2749
ThinkPad X230t
ThinkPad X60 1703
ThinkPad X301
ThinkPad X300 Series
ThinkPad X60 Tablet 6363
ThinkPad X60 2533
ThinkPad X60 1707
ThinkPad X60 Tablet 6368
ThinkPad X60 Tablet 6366
ThinkPad X60 Tablet 6364
ThinkPad X60s
ThinkPad X60 Tablet 7763
ThinkPad X60 Tablet 7762
ThinkPad X60s 2507
ThinkPad X60S 1709
ThinkPad X60S 1707
ThinkPad X61 Tablet
ThinkPad X61 7678
ThinkPad X60s 2534
ThinkPad X61s 7670
ThinkPad X61s 7668
ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7763
ThinkPad Z61m 0672
ThinkPad Z61e 0672
ThinkPad Z60m 2530
ThinkPad Z61m Series
ThinkPad Z61m 9450
ThinkPad Z61m 0675
Thinkpad Z61t Type 9441
Thinkpad Z61t Type 9440
ThinkPad Z61t Type 8747
Thinkpad Z61t Type 9443

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